No Submission Charges

There are no fees associated with post-article submission, article rejection, article length, figures, supplementary data, or anything else. Editorial items are published at no cost (editorials, corrections, additions, retractions, letters, comments, etc.).

Article Processing Charges

Open access publishing presents a novel paradigm for the publication of scholarly journals—immediate, barrier-free access to the complete texts of all published articles on a global scale. The publication expenses of an article in an open access paradigm are covered by the author's research grant or by the sponsoring institution via Article Processing Charges. By substituting these article processing charges for subscription fees, publishers enable unrestricted access to the complete texts of all published articles for readers who are interested. Furthermore, it is worth noting that authors who contribute to our open access journals maintain ownership of the copyright to their articles. These articles are distributed and printed without limitations under a "Creative Commons Attribution License," which stipulates that proper citation of the original work is required.

Manuscript publication entails numerous processes, including but not limited to a check for quality and plagiarism, the assignment of peer-reviewers, revision, typesetting, file format conversion, and website maintenance. The expenses associated with these responsibilities are partially offset by the article processing fee that the authors are required to pay.

The author will be billed for the article processing charges by  Journal of Biological Studies once the article has been accepted for publication. Other than the charges specified in the article process, there are no additional charges for submissions, pages, or colors. The subsequent payment obligations subsequent to the approval of an article are detailed in the subsequent table:

Article Processing Charges                                                                   $150

Refund Policy

After an article has been approved for publication, all applicable Article Processing Charges become payable. The Article Processing Charges are the concern of the submitting author, and JBS does not provide refunds of any kind.