Open Access Policy

Open Access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted Internet access to scholarly journal articles that have been peer-reviewed. The articles are freely accessible on the public internet, allowing users to perform various actions such as reading, downloading, copying, distributing, printing, searching, linking, or crawling them in preparation for indexing. Nevertheless, there are expenses associated with publication that must be borne, including but not limited to proofreading, copy editing, XML conversion, , digital presentation, preservation, promotion, and dissemination of the work.

The Budapest Open Access Initiative

Articles are published in the Journal of Biological Studies in accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative and Gold Open Access Model. Every article that is published in the  Journal of Biological Studies is made available without any cost to the readers. At the time of article acceptance, a publication charge is collected to enable access; this fee is typically covered by a research grant, institution, or funder affiliated with the author. The term for this expense is Article Processing Charge. Upon publication, articles become instantaneously accessible online. The authors retain the copyright to their work; however, readers are granted permission to reuse the material with appropriate citations, as all articles published in the  Journal of Biological Sctudies are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).

Through the implementation of a permissive copyright license, Open Access eliminates obstacles and enables scholars to employ articles in novel approaches. This includes methodologies such as text mining and meta-analysis, which aid in uncovering scientific trends that may not be readily apparent when examining individual articles.