The Journal of Biological Studies' main goal is to license and secure author rights. JBS is committed to making it easier for people to share and build on the work of others while remaining compliant with copyright laws. The Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license applies to any of the papers published in Journal of Biological Studies. This license allows the user to freely exchange (copy, distribute, and transmit) and adapt the contribution for any reason, including commercial ones, as long as the author is properly credited.

Furthermore, we illustrate it clearly here so that Writers, Publishers, Institutions, and general readers will understand it:


  • All significant rights to the published article, such as proprietary and patent rights, are reserved by the authors.
  • The publisher and the author will equally benefit from the published article in future works of their own, such as lectures, press releases, viewpoints in textbooks, periodicals, and reprinting of the whole or a part of the published article.
  • Written permission is required for re-publication of the whole, part, or parts of the published article in periodicals or reprint publications by a third party.