Plagiarism is a critical issue around the world in the arena of manuscript writing. It is the act of taking another person's work, data or ideas intentionally or unintentionally and passing it off as your own. Additionally, It includes using others ideas and words without specifically acknowledging the source of that information. We expect that the manuscripts submitted to JBS should adhere to the ethical standards, and they should not overlap with other articles published or articles in the press. Manuscripts containing plagiarism seriously affect our goal of achieving high standards of quality, uniqueness and innovation. We really do respect others’ work and expect the same from our authors. We are utilising the latest software to detect plagiarism. If potential plagiarism is detected, we will take serious actions against those articles containing plagiarism that may include removing those papers completely from JBS website and from the other websites of the databases which JBS is listed and indexed in. Furthermore, the editors will contact the authors for explanation for this action, and their institutions might be reached. Hence JBS will not be responsible for further action on plagiarism issue. The author will be solely responsible for the plagiarism issue.