Introduction of two rare mites (Acari) species from northern Iran

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J. Hajizadeh
L. Mohammadi
S. Mirhaghparast


In the study of mite's fauna in Guilan province, northern Iran two rare mites species
belonging to dierent orders were collected and identied from Rasht and Anzali counties. The
rst species, Trichotrombidium muscarum (Riley, 1878) (Prostigmata: Microtrombidiidae) was
collected ectoparasitic on the adult house y Musca domestica L. (Insecta: Diptera) from Rasht
city. The second species, Protodinychus punctatus Evans (1957) (Mesostigmata: Protodinychidae)
was collected in the deutonymph stage from soil under broad-leaved trees from Anzali city. These
species are rare mites that are reported for the rst time from Guilan province, northern Iran.

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