Positive and negative effects of electricity on human health

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Fariba Momeni Torkaman Torkaman
Farzaneh Momeni


The human cells are electrical units and therefore are so sensitive to the electrical fields. More recent investigation has shown that the human cells have the ability to change direction as much by as 180° in response to electrical fields, according to which, positive or negative impact of electricity on human life have been argued in a number of studies. In vitro and in in vivo studies and clinical observations have shown that natural and artificial electric/electromagnetic fields may affect negatively or positively on human health. In one hand, the positive effects of electrical fields have been reported in tissue regeneration, wound healing, cancer treatment, controlling the infection, and etc.; on the other hand, negative impact of electricity has been demonstrated on human health. It has been reported that electric/electromagnetic fields may have a significant role in cancer development. This review article aims to investigate the positive and negative impact of electric/electromagnetic fields on human health and life.

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